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Our menu contains scrumptious cakes and mouth-watering desserts that are freshly baked and without any chemicals and preservatives.


Cakes by Flavours:

1) Red Velvet Cake
2) Chocolate Cake
3) Truffle Cake
4) Black Forest Cake
5) Vanilla Cake
6) Strawberry Cake
7) Cheese Cake
8) Fruit Cake

Cake By Ocassion:

1) Birthday Cakes
2)Anniversary Cakes
3)Wedding Cakes
4)Kid's Birthday Cake

Trending Cakes:

1) Fondant Cakes
2)Pinata Cakes
3) Pull me Up Cakes
4)Bomb Cakes
5)Designer Cakes

1) Cupcakes
2) Dry Cakes
3) MUffin
4) Donuts
5) Cookies

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