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About Us

Why choose us?

  • Home made freshly baked goodies without preservatives and chemicals.

  • Cakes with various flavors that make you give up your five senses.

  • Different types of bakery items.

Different bakery items we offer:

  • Cakes: – There are many types of cakes. You can purchase cakes according to your taste, such as event, type, taste,  etc. We have designer cakes and photo cakes.
  •  Jar Cakes: – These sweet versions of  cakes are a new age trend. Canned cakes are best for satisfying small sweet cravings. A bite of our delicious canned cakes will make your saliva flow. 
  •  Cupcake: – This is the most popular and cute dish with the richness and taste of  cake. We’re committed to providing fresh, sweet treats, so you can easily buy our cupcakes and send them to all your loved ones. You can buy cupcakes in combinations of 2, 3 or 6. You can also buy a  cupcake. 
  •  Brownie: – A brownie is a baked delicacy that looks like a brownie at first glance, but is denser and slightly firmer than a  cake. They offer a taste that lies between a cake and a chocolate bar. At cake networks you can order a variety of cakes and cake sets. 
  •  Pinata Cake: – Someone came up with the idea to hide the cake inside a hard, sweet and edible shell and now it is  known as Pinata Cake. The best thing about pinata cakes is that they still create surprises right out of the box. We deliver amazing pinata cakes and free wooden hammers to smash hardtops. 
  •  Pull Me Cake:- Here’s an amazing and magical Pull Me cake that drips chocolate as soon as you lift the plastic cover. You will see how the cake makes the final decision right in front of your eyes and at a time convenient for you.


Can I Send A Message Or Wish Along With A Cake?
Of course you can. We provide facility of sending personalized messages along with Cake.
Do You Take The Same Day Orders As Well?

No, not yet we take order 24 hours prior as we bake fresh goods at our home bakery.

On time delivery of cakes?

We always try our best to deliver cakes on-time and we also make promise for that. But, in some predicaments there might be a slight delay. Although, we will inform our customers in such cases.